August 1, 2022

The Skinny on Vitamin Shots

B12, Lipotropic, Vitachrome, and Immune Boost are four types of vitamin shots offered at Cordova Weight Loss.

1. Our B12 shot contains 5000 mcg/ml of methylcobalamin (the active form of B12). B12 supports metabolism, boosts energy, and is important for brain and nerve health. Not all types of B12 are created equal. Cyanocobalamin is an inferior form of B12 commonly used in B12 shots. Our vitamin B12 shots specifically contain methylcobalamin because it is the naturally occurring form of B12 and is more readily absorbed by the body. Methylcobalamin is also retained in higher amounts in tissues than the inactive cyanocobalamin form.

2. The Lipotropic shot contains B12, Methionine, Choline and Inositol for metabolism. The ingredients in the lipotropic shot help support metabolism by surrounding fat cells, making it easier for the liver to break down and eliminate fat better naturally.

3. The Vitachrome shot is the most popular weight loss shot offered at Cordova Weight Loss. Our Vitachrome shot contains B12 and Lipotropic ingredients plus additional B vitamins for energy, and chromium picolinate (a natural appetite suppressant that helps with sugar cravings). It is often referred to as our "all-in-one" weight loss shot because it contains the same ingredients as the first two shots plus more!

4. In addition to vitamin shots to help support weight loss, we also offer an Immune Boost shot containing vital antioxidant vitamins and amino acids to strengthen the immune system. The Immune Boost shot consists of Vitamin C, Vitamins B1, B3, B6, and Glutathione (a master antioxidant). These ingredients provide protection against immune system deficiencies and help the body fight infection.

All of our vitamin shots are safe to do in conjunction with the weight loss medications prescribed at Cordova Weight Loss.
Anyone can get a vitamin shot, even if they are not being seen for the prescription weight loss medication.
There is no office visit required for vitamin shots.

No appointment is necessary either; just walk in during office hours!

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By JoAnna Lagownik