May 17, 2022

Get Skinny in the Kitchen and Strong in the Gym

One of the biggest misconceptions about losing weight is that exercise is responsible for the most weight loss, whereas diet is only responsible for a small part. In reality, the opposite is true. Diet is responsible for 80% of a person's weight, whereas fitness is responsible for 20%. This goes against our natural tendency to jump right into a tough workout plan (or a strict diet) when motivated to lose weight.

You can kill yourself at the gym by sweating for an hour or more every day until you're exhausted, but you won’t see the weight loss you are aiming for until you take the time to learn how to eat right.

So where does Phentermine fit in with all of this? Since the best place to start your weight loss journey is in the kitchen, that's where Phentermine comes in.
Phentermine is an appetite suppressant that reduces those pesky cravings that influence poor food choices. It tricks the body into thinking it’s not that hungry, giving you the chance to focus on choosing healthier foods and developing better habits. Habits aren’t formed overnight, so having some help along the way makes things easier. This is especially true if you have other responsibilities in your life to worry about, like career and family. Phentermine is not a magic diet pill; it is a tool to help make the transition into a healthier lifestyle more accessible.

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Written by JoAnna Lagownik